So why not give ‘Easy’ a try?

When I first began coaching, I purchased a manual from a successful, high-profile coach to read about his ideas for obtaining new clients. He had several marketing strategies for new coaches, and said about one in particular ‘You won’t like doing this, but it works.’ He even had testimonials in the book from other coaches who said ‘I did this, and didn’t like it, but it worked.’

So is that the way that life has to be? That to get what you want, you have to do things that you don’t like? Many people believe that. I don’t.

There are two ways in which to respond to this suggestion:

1) If you do what you love, if you do the things that resonate with you and believe, and KNOW, what you want, it will manifest in your life.

2) If you love what you do, if you find the gifts and skills and joy within you that allow you to pursue an activity – any activity – with confidence, joy, and enthusiasm, you’ll enjoy your life thoroughly.

Today let’s look at #2.

If you believe that something will be a difficult struggle, you’ll be right.
If you believe that something will be easy, you’ll be right.

Here are two scenarios:

Steve says ‘It’s so difficult for me to work on projects like this. They’re always a struggle. I’m not very good at …’ In saying those words, Steve creates his reality. Not only does he create the reality around the project itself, but he creates a negative, depressing environment around preparing for the project, thinking about it, talking about it.

Doris says ‘I know that I can do this project well. I’ll have fun doing it. It will go smoothly and easily.’ In saying those words, Doris creates her reality. She creates an air of positivity around her thoughts, her actions, her life.

For those of you saying ‘But – but – but – but what if it IS hard for Steve? Won’t he be setting himself up for disappointment if he doesn’t prepare himself?’

The answer is ‘Can he affect the project with his attitude? – Absolutely! He already is doing that.’ Why not do it positively, from a position of power?

Will this happen 100% of the time? Why not try it and see?

In my experience, as soon as you begin to positively create your world, good things start to happen. There may still be projects that are more challenging than you had envisioned, and that’s OK. Are you going to complain because you spent the days preparing for a project thinking positively and feeling good about it? (‘Aw, shucks, a week wasted feeling great!’)

Instead, you’ll begin to enjoy the good feelings that your positive creations bring you. You can celebrate the successes that you will have more, because you’ll know that you really did create those. And you’ll notice that the percentages of activities that you deem successful will rise, and rise dramatically.

So why not give ‘Easy’ a try? Why not give ‘Fun’ a try? What would YOU like to bring to your life today?

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