Pamela Bruner, CEO, Business Coach, USA

31 Jan 2018

Ever feel like the Universe delivers a message with a 2x4?

Yeah – it’s been like that recently over here! With not one or two or even three people, but seven different people (in the same week!) excitedly telling me their plans to attract clients online for their transformational business.

The problem? They were doing it all wrong.

(I mean, you know that even though something works great to sell a really cute pair of shoes doesn’t mean it will get people interested in the deep transformation you provide, right?)

They had picked up tips from people who knew social media, or online marketing, but didn’t get transformation at ALL. The result? (Me banging my head against the wall, saying ‘no, no, no’!)

Ok, I got the message – I need to be sharing what DOES work 🙂

There are two magic ingredients you need to consistently attract clients online.

Want to know what they are? Keep reading to find out.

To sell deep transformation to cold traffic (AKA the leads you get on Facebook™), you need two key things: Focus and Results.

Not sure what that means? Check it out below.

Magic ingredient #1: Focus
Your FOCUS shows up in your lead magnet or freebie. It’s usually the first introduction people have to you.

If the promise of your freebie is too big or too broad, people aren’t going to believe you.

  • DON’T SAY THIS: These 3 things will completely change your life.
    (Really? I can get that in an ebook? Sorry, that’s just not believable. Either that, or it feels overwhelming)
  • DO SAY THIS: Discover the 3 things that will help you book more clients this week (This is focused on one specific problem and delivers a clear result)

Here’s a handy formula to keep in mind. Instant Gratification + Immediate Result = Focused Freebie (and people who will be happy to share their email address to get it!)

And if you’re not sure what that looks like in freebie form, check your inbox on Friday – I’m sending out a little gift that’ll help you create freebies that work.

If the promise of your freebie is too big or too broad, people aren’t going to believe you.

Magic ingredient #2: Results.

I know your work provides huge value and deep transformation, but to be successful at attracting clients online, your whole brand needs to be focused around one particular result. Everything you do should point to a clear result you provide in a specific area.

Here are some examples: My brand, Make Your Success Real, is centered around helping coaches, consultants, and healers to make money. Maybe you coach on branding or sales or becoming a confident networker. Perhaps you help people in the health arena, or in relationships.

“Instant Gratification + Immediate Result = Focused Freebie”

C’mon, take it one step further: what kind of relationships? What particular health result?

Make sure that ONE RESULT is front and center in everything you do!

Make sure that ONE RESULT is front and center in everything you do!

I talked more about this in the training I did earlier this week, “Attract Clients Online: How to get ideal coaching or consulting clients no matter where you live!”. If you want to learn more, you can purchase the replay for just $7 here.

Hope this helps!

P.S. Speaking of deep transformation, it’s no secret that I’m a big fan of tapping – it’s a huge part of how I built up a million-dollar business. The Tapping World Summit is starting soon and you’ll see some emails from me about the great things happening there (I’m even one of their featured speakers!) 🙂