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It Broke My Heart

While giving a recent teleclass, I got a number of questions via the web during the class. Many of them broke my heart – I so wanted to help the struggling transformational entrepreneurs, and give the answers that have worked for me. While I didn’t have time to answer them during the call, I thoughtRead More

Harness the Power of Intention in Your Business

I’ve noticed a lot of strange ‘coincidences’ in my business lately. A friend suggested that I do a writing exercise and declare an outcome for an event I was holding, and what I wrote down came true – precisely true, even the numbers of clients and the exact monetary figure. For the last two years,Read More

How to Talk to Your Ideal Client


Sing Your Blues Away

Women have used the power of song throughout history, to tell stories, to heal grief, and to make chores more pleasant. Children also know the power of music, which is why so many schoolyard taunts are sung or chanted. Anyone can use the power of music to lift their spirits. You don’t need to beRead More

EFT/The Law of Attraction/Affirmations

In the field of life coaching, there are as many different approaches as there are coaches. Despite the differences, almost all coaches use some form of affirmations, for themselves and for their clients. Affirmations, which are positive statements used to re-train the conscious or subconscious mind, have been a mainstay of personal growth work forRead More

Finding New Ways to Give Thanks

On Monday, November 5th, my husband Dave and I were enjoying a 24-hour vacation. I’d just spent the weekend teaching and coaching at the Liturgical Harp Retreat in the mountains of northern Georgia, and we’d decided to stay on an extra day to enjoy some hiking. While we were hiking, my mom called (forgot toRead More