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You can Easily Attract Ideal Clients

  “Ideal Clients” – do you know where to find them, and how to attract them? If you’d like to have more ideal clients (LOTS more), I’d like to invite you to my brand new, FREE video training series, “Easily Attract Ideal Clients.” Sign up here to reserve your spot: EasilyAttractIdealClients.com  The fact is, youRead MoreRead More

What to do when they say ‘no’

Doesn’t it just tear you up when someone says ‘no’ to you? You’re hungry for clients, you know that you can serve, you have an incredible transformation to offer, and you take time to share what you do with a prospective client. And then you get ‘No, thanks.’ How do you handle that?Read More

No green M&Ms!

Have you heard the ‘No Green M&Ms!’ story? If not, you’ll love it. Even if you’ve heard it, you may not know the truth behind the story, and the big message it has for all of us transformational entrepreneurs – it’s all in the video.Read More