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How My Dog Changed My Business

I was at an event recently designed to help entrepreneurs build seven-figure businesses. Since I’ve been structuring my business for seven figures in 2011, I was paying close attention to many of the great ideas being presented. Something stumped me, though – I didn’t feel like I was completely motivated to make seven figures. I’veRead More

[Tapping Video] Manifesting your dreams into reality

I’m on vacation in Hawaii for 2 weeks, and I thought that this was the perfect time to create a video for you about how to manifest your dreams into reality. As a transformational entrepreneur, my business (and the way that I spend most of my time) is creating transformation in other’s lives and businesses.Read More

Are you confused about when to offer ‘free’?

From time to time I get emails from my readers who are really confused about the whole issue of ‘free’. I want to explain some of the things that I’ve said so that you can harness the power of free. Here are the principles of ‘free’. Each one of these concepts comes from the ideaRead More

[Tapping Video] Overcoming Procrastination

Do you suffer from procrastination? Or do you feel like you usually get things done, but there’s that one project sitting out there that you just can’t get to? Procrastination isn’t actually a problem (I know you’re shocked to hear that!). It’s the symptom of a problem. What’s really stopping you, and how to overcomeRead More

Happy New Year!

Resolutions, set some goals, make some plans. But will 2009 mark a change in your success level? Or will it be some good intentions, but actually business as usual? Here’s how to make the most out of 2009: Set aside some quiet time to think about what you really want for your life, and yourRead More