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Connecting, Plugging in, and Unplugging

Connecting, Plugging in, and Unplugging

You’ve probably read articles about how important it is to ‘unplug’ from your business. It’s true, you need to ‘unplug’ – that means take time to relax and unwind so that you come back refreshed, recharged, and ready to be creative. This last weekend, I knew that I needed to catch up on work, andRead MoreRead More

How to Create a Powerful Client Connection

Recently I took a program in which I had a buddy to work with. My buddy is also a coach – let’s call her ‘Lana’. During the challenging program, Lana just seemed to breeze through, never having an issue, never sharing any difficulties. But she offered many times to help me with the occasional conceptsRead More

7 Tips to Using Social Media to Grow Your Business

When I talk to my clients about social media, the reactions are all over the map. Some love it and use it, some groan, and some just admit that they are confused by it. But social media is an important part of building your transformational business, so you’ll want to put it on your ‘mustRead More

Creating Great Business Connections

This has been a week of connection for me – I’m reaching out through all my networks with a plan to help the people of Haiti by giving ALL the proceeds from my harp CD sales through January 31st. I’m on a mission – find out more at www.tinyurl.com/harphaiti. I’m always looking for new waysRead More