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[Tapping Video] Overcoming Sales Objections

You probably know I used to hate sales. Not just ‘dislike sales’, not ‘be a little uncomfortable with’ – I hated sales. And the hardest moment was when someone would say ‘I’d love to work with you, but…’ and offer some big objection. I would feel totally stopped, and not know how to respond. IfRead More

Harness the Power of Intention in Your Business

I’ve noticed a lot of strange ‘coincidences’ in my business lately. A friend suggested that I do a writing exercise and declare an outcome for an event I was holding, and what I wrote down came true – precisely true, even the numbers of clients and the exact monetary figure. For the last two years,Read More

[Tapping Video] Manifesting your dreams into reality

I’m on vacation in Hawaii for 2 weeks, and I thought that this was the perfect time to create a video for you about how to manifest your dreams into reality. As a transformational entrepreneur, my business (and the way that I spend most of my time) is creating transformation in other’s lives and businesses.Read More

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EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques

Nothing has more influence on our lives, success, health, and happiness than our belief system. Yet most people treat their beliefs as coming from their experiences, rather than knowing that their experiences come from their belief systems. Thanks to ‘The Secret’, the ‘Law of Attraction’ and other popular self-empowerment ideas becoming more prevalent, this isRead More