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What Are You Bringing Along?

This morning, as I hiked up my mountain trail, I was joined by Samson, a big dog who lives near the foot of the trail. He set off up the mountain with me, sometimes walking with me, sometimes running to check things out just off the trail. As the trail got steeper, though, he started walkingRead More

EFT with the Choices Method

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is a powerful tool for working through your life’s blocks quickly. And it’s easy for most people to use. There is an art to EFT, though, that can dramatically increase its effectiveness – using EFT with the Choices method is one element of that art. In a regular EFT setup phrase,Read More

So why not give ‘Easy’ a try?

When I first began coaching, I purchased a manual from a successful, high-profile coach to read about his ideas for obtaining new clients. He had several marketing strategies for new coaches, and said about one in particular ‘You won’t like doing this, but it works.’ He even had testimonials in the book from other coachesRead More