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Sales are Sleazy

Sales are Sleazy

If marketing is bad, sales are worse. If marketing is sleazy and manipulative, sales is pushy, self-serving, inauthentic, and downright unethical. But without sales, there is no business. How do we reconcile these? If only there was a way for sales to be the hero of the story. It’s OK for us to fall inRead More

[video] Sales Secrets

Do you feel lost around sales? Wondering why you’re not selling well, and getting lukewarm responses from your prospective clients? I’ve put together a video that will show you WHY you’re getting the sales you’re getting with our clients, and you’ll see how changing your selling style can reap BIG rewards.

Are you missing the free sales training?

It always makes me chuckle when someone says (in a voice that indicates great offense) ‘I was listening to a free teleclass, and then she tried to sell me something!’ If that’s your take, you’re really missing out. Here are some things to think about that may change the way you look at these situations,Read More

Keys to getting more clients to say ‘Yes’

When you’re a heart-centered service provider, having sales conversations often feels slimey, sleazy, and pushy. But there is a way to have sales conversations that empowers your prospective client, so that they are more likely to do business with you, and even if they don’t, they’ll love you and recommend you to others. (How greatRead More

The Most Important Task in Your Business

If you’re in business for yourself, you’re in sales. I remember when one of my mentors said that to me for the first time. I wanted to cry. I wanted to be a coach, not a salesperson! I was upset because I had the common, garden-variety view of sales (that they’re sleazy), rather than whatRead More