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Creating Great Business Connections

This has been a week of connection for me – I’m reaching out through all my networks with a plan to help the people of Haiti by giving ALL the proceeds from my harp CD sales through January 31st. I’m on a mission – find out more at www.tinyurl.com/harphaiti. I’m always looking for new waysRead More

How Can Marketing Be Authentic AND Effective?


What’s YOUR Word for 2010?


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How to Talk to Your Ideal Client


The Definition of Insanity


When Does Giving Up Get You More?


Are You Acting Your Age?

At times, all of us wonder why we react in certain ways. You might say “I don’t know why I got so upset” or “I don’t know why he makes me so uncomfortable.” And the answer may lie in your past.   New research is showing that when something upsetting happens to us (a trauma),Read More

What Are You Bringing Along?

This morning, as I hiked up my mountain trail, I was joined by Samson, a big dog who lives near the foot of the trail. He set off up the mountain with me, sometimes walking with me, sometimes running to check things out just off the trail. As the trail got steeper, though, he started walkingRead More

Remembering to use EFT

Tapping Tip: EFT can be one of your most powerful tools, IF you remember to use it. I hear from clients all the time that they forgot to use EFT in the midst of an upset, an angry moment, or a difficult decision. NOTE: These suggestions assume that you have a familiarity with EFT. IfRead More