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Overcoming Procrastination, Part 2

Procrastination is all about fear. Fear that a task will be scary, or boring, or that once you complete the task, you’ll fail or be criticized. When you tap to remove that fear, you can do things you never thought you could accomplish.Read More

No green M&Ms!

Have you heard the ‘No Green M&Ms!’ story? If not, you’ll love it. Even if you’ve heard it, you may not know the truth behind the story, and the big message it has for all of us transformational entrepreneurs – it’s all in the video.Read More

Help for the Holidays

In the midst of the holiday hustle and bustle, are you taking care of yourself? I’ll admit, I sometimes get a little ‘Scrooge-y’ when I don’t do the right thing around this time of year, so I put together a little video support for you. (Here’s a hint: It won’t just help your holidays, itRead More

Biggest Business Fear

Do those big business fears ever make you feel paralyzed? I’ll never make it. I have to get going, now! I’m overwhelmed. What do I do next? They certainly affect me that way, sometimes. And tapping can help. Here is a powerful, short tapping exercise that you can pull out anytime those business fears getRead More