Tapping for Money

One of the questions I get asked most frequently is ‘How do I tap for money?’ To which I respond ‘How would you like to get your money?’

Some people seem to think that tapping for money is like rubbing a genie’s bottle. If I just have the right words, the right formula, then I can tap and money will magically appear in my bank account.

If tapping can do that, I have yet to discover how.

But what tapping CAN do is to enable you to easily and joyously accomplish the tasks you need to do to bring in money. That’s where the power is.

Most people don’t make the money that they want because:
1) It feels too hard.
2) They hate marketing themselves.
3) They don’t like selling.
4) They feel uncomfortable asking for money. (The funny thing is, they aren’t usually uncomfortable asking the Universe for money – only the people in it!)

So here’s how to tap for money, step-by-step:
1) Identify what’s keeping you from more money. Maybe you need to get in front of more potential clients. Or maybe you get in front of them, but don’t ask for the business. Or maybe you ask for the business, but are too nervous to ask for the money you deserve.
2) Put together a statement with this format:
Even though I can’t get more money because ____, I’m open to something new and different.
3) Tap the Karate Chop point three times while repeating your phrase. Not sure where the KC point is? Check out my tapping points video here. (LINK to tapping page on website)
4) Tap all the points from the top of the head down to under the arm, and repeat your ‘negative statement,‘ for example: I can’t get more money because____.
5) Tap all the points from the top of the head down, and repeat the open statement, such as ‘I’m open to something new and different’ or ‘I’m open to a surprising new idea.’
6) Tap all the points from the top of the head down, and alternate the negative and positive statements – negative on the first point, positive on the second point, negative on the third point, and so on. Be sure to end on a positive!
7) See what new possibilities have opened up for you.
8) This is the most important step: Go out and do something different! Perhaps a new creative idea will occur to you, or you may find your fear and start tapping reduce it. Pick up the phone, talk to people, ask for what you’re worth.

Taking action is the key to making more money. Tapping is only the grease that makes the wheels turn more easily.
9) Post a comment here letting me know what happened with this exercise.

12 Responses to Tapping for Money

  1. Janice says:

    Tapping isn’t about money – it’s about getting over the things in your life that trouble you. EFT has changed directions many times from the original intent.

    Tapping is an alternative therapy, and should be used to get through psychological problems. Money making is a stretch and gives false hope to people. Try not to make this promise.

    Thanks for sharing the power of tapping.

    • Janice –
      I’m glad you posted this. I believe that tapping can be used as a tool to help us
      to do anything we wish to do in life. If people wish to make more money, tapping
      can be used for that. If they wish to improve their physical health or emotional
      state, tapping can be used for that.
      I know that tapping has helped me to make more money. It may not be everyone’s goal,
      and that’s OK. I also don’t believe in dictating goals to anyone – I want to help
      people reach their goals, not tell them what goals they should have (money or something
      I’m chosen the specialty in my business of helping people make more money, and I refer
      people to other practitioners if they have other issues, like migraines, PTSD, etc.
      However, I don’t see any reason to limit what we use tapping for, as long as it’s not
      harmful to others, and I know that when I make more money, I both employ more people,
      and give lots more to charity. It’s a win-win!


  2. Sandra Coral says:

    Hi, I appreciate this post and I am not agree with Janice, Maybe She doesn´t know tha real power on tapping using EFT. I had the chance to buy all the Gary Craig´s course of EFT and I love it, He taught us how to use EFT in everything we can imagine, and There is a special set of dvds in how to learn using this thecniques to have more abundance, prosperity and obviously money.
    Gary shares his wisdom with many people around the world such Pamela now is sharing hers with us.
    I love your post and I am using this tip to work with my limits right now in order to get the amount of money I deserve and I haven´t achieve yet.
    Thanks Pamela for your help

  3. MALIEE says:


  4. MALIEE says:


    • Maliee –
      Tapping doesn’t work like that – it’s not like a magic wand.
      You don’t tap don’t to get people to walk into your store.
      You tap to be able to do the marketing that will attract people to your store.
      Tapping is about you, not about them.

  5. Corey says:

    Janice, II would agree also with Pamela and Sandra. Using Emotional Freedom Technique can release stress, worry, anxiety, fear, jealousy, anger and deserving issues around money. This allowing us to open up the the possibility to more money and for our brains to actually search for more ways to find the money in our reality. Since the emotional and psychological issues have been accepted, forgiven and released the brain can’t find a connection to make us feel the way we used to around the subject of money. Pamela isn’t making promises either towards 100% guaranteed results around releasing any negative resistance with the subject of money, however you must come into awareness with the fact this is what Pamela has used and taught to achieve success in that area of her life (and has helped many achieve it also). So it would make sense if you came into alignment with maybe using the techniques to see yourself. I’m sixteen years of age and I’ve been able to ‘tap out’ the money blocks and allow new ideas, inspiration and attitudes into my life. Try it out, I highly recommend it!

  6. Jenna says:

    What we see in Janice’s post is an underlaying belief that money and abundance are not worthy spiritual goals, aka the belief that spirituality is good and money is bad, which of course is not the truth. Many have this belief but the truth is when one is fully connected to source, abundance in all manners – including money – will be present. When wethe help others to become abundant, and show them the higher truth that Source IS abundant, we help them connect to Souce…and that is the greatest thing of all! So thank you so much for this article and many abundant blessings to all.

  7. Ramnath says:


    I’m in IT for last 15 years and i want to start my own business. Biut i have no idea or clue on what business to start and quit the job. Could you help me with tapping script which will give me idea on what business to start etc.

    Ramnath S

    • admin says:

      Ramnath – There are two things that you need to look at.
      One is not tapping – it is a practical question of what you are good at, what lights you up, and what is monetizable as a business. Those are very practical questions.
      The other might be helped by tapping – that is giving yourself permission to pursue your dream, and removing the fears around doing that.

      You can answer the practical questions by taking something like the Passion Test (www.passiontest.com) and then looking at business coaching help to see how to monetize what you love to do.
      For the tapping routine, keep an eye on my ezine for some help with that.

  8. Deny D. Ritz says:

    Pamela, thanks for a great article. I am guilty of the four things you say that prevent me from doing marketing!

    I love this quote: “What tapping CAN do is to enable you to easily and joyously accomplish the tasks you need to do to bring in money.”

    Because: Feelings -> Action -> Results right?