[Tapping Video] Manifesting your dreams into reality

I’m on vacation in Hawaii for 2 weeks, and I thought that this was the perfect time to create a video for you about how to manifest your dreams into reality.

As a transformational entrepreneur, my business (and the way that I spend most of my time) is creating transformation in other’s lives and businesses. It took me some time to learn that I needed to take time off to relax and rejuvenate, and that my business would be the better for it.

I’ve wanted to take a Hawaiian vacation for about two years, and when I got clear this past year about how to manifest what I wanted, not only did my business take off, but I started manifesting the other life goals that I had – like dream vacations.

However, I hear all the time from transformational entrepreneurs that they don’t believe they can create the business, or life, of their dreams. Of course, as long as you believe that, it will be true!

I’m so excited to share this with you, because I want you to be able to create exactly what you want in your life and business as well.

So watch the video, and tap along, so you can create your dreams!


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