[Template] 3 Emails That Get Clients

Recently I published an article on 7 great email subject lines (Click here if you missed it!) Now that you know what to say to get your emails opened, how can you craft emails to get clients?

Here are my top 3 templates to get clients from writing an email. Each one has a different offer. Which one will YOU use?

Template 1: Invitation to a conversation

An email can invite your prospects to have a ‘Strategy’ or ‘Discovery’ session with you directly, so you can discuss how you can support them. These conversations can be a great way to engage with your audience, and offer your services to the appropriate people. Here’s one template you can use:

Strategy Session/Conversation/ invite:

Email subject line option 1: Did you want this?

Email subject line option 2: Did you see this?

Hi [FirstName],

I’m writing because you [watched/read] my [“free gift name”], but you haven’t registered for my discovery session yet!

If you don’t believe that you’re ready to start [verb > desired end result Ex “building your business”], that’s fine. Not everyone is.

But do you know what you need to have in order to BE ready to [get to end result]? That’s where this session with me will be so helpful!

You’ll discover:

  • [Bullet of what they’ll learn]
  • [Bullet of what they’ll learn]
  • [Bullet of what they’ll learn]

If you’re ready to step into creating [Desired end result], this is the ideal next step.

Here’s the link to get on my calendar (LINK).

[What you do/who you are] is so important! You deserve this information.


P.S. Your [Desired end result, ex: future clients] [are/is] waiting for you! Find out how to [Get there/attract them/etc.]: Click here to register (LINK).


Template 2: Invitation to connect with you

Another option is to be even more direct. Reach out to your prospects with this “9 word email” by asking them directly if they’re still interested in what you offer! Here’s the template:

The “9 word email”:

Email subject line option 1: [ContactFirstName]

Email subject line option 2: Hey [FirstName]

Are you still looking for [result]?

[Your name]


Template 3: Invitation to a webinar

Webinars are a fantastic way to drive direct sales or get clients into a conversation about your products and services. Here’s an email template to guide your ideal clients into attending your webinar.

Email subject line option 1:  [Number of steps to achieve desired end result]

(Example: 3 Simple shifts to earn $X per client)

Email subject line option 2:  Can you [Achieve desired end result even if biggest objection is true]?
(Example: Can you find ideal clients even if you hate marketing?)

Hi [First name],
I’ve been getting asked this question a LOT lately:”[Question related to desired end result, similar to the subject line]”

If you’re a [some trait your ideal client identifies with], you started [thing your client does, or goal they’re trying to reach]. But sometimes it feels like [biggest objection that stops your client from taking action].

The truth is, [Address objection]

There is ONE approach that will give you [the solution].

I’m sharing it with you on my brand new, content-rich webinar:
[Webinar title & Subtitle]

Reserve your spot in this webinar here [LINK] <=== (yes, it’s free for you!)

This special training is for you if you’re a [List of your ideal clients, ex: “If you’re a coach, speaker, or trainer…”].
You’ll discover:

  • [Bulleted list of what you’ll deliver on the webinar]
  • [Bulleted list of what you’ll deliver on the webinar]
  • [Bulleted list of what you’ll deliver on the webinar]

Register here now for this powerful training [Link]

I’ll also be addressing your most common questions and concerns on the training, [OPTIONAL: (If you have a worksheet)] and you’ll get a bonus ‘[name of your worksheet]’ worksheet to help you get the most from this training.

You’ll be thrilled to see how you don’t have to struggle through [Major pain point]

[Webinar name & link] ⇐== Register here!

P.S. You don’t have to sacrifice [Pain point]… find the secret to [Solving pain point] === > Register now [link]
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