The four most dangerous words

One of the things that I’ve learned about business concepts, particularly marketing and sales ideas, is that you have to hear the ideas more than once before you really understand them.

At Transform this past weekend, I spoke about the three levels of knowledge.

They are:
Level 1 – New information – this is information that you’ve never heard before, and it may come as an ‘Aha’ or just as new data.
Level 2 – In the brain – information that you’ve heard, and can possibly repeat, but you don’t act on it particularly well or consistently in your life or business.
Level 3 – In the heart – Concepts you know at a heart level, you embody, and you live automatically.

While you can certainly be held back by ignorance, meaning that you just need new information (level 1), the most dangerous level is level 2. When you think that you know something, but you can’t use it well, you are inclined to ignore it or give it casual focus. However, it takes consistent focus and effort to move knowledge from ‘in the brain’ to ‘I live this, I embody it’.

The four most dangerous words are ‘I already know that.’ If you haven’t mastered it, if your knowledge is just in the brain, you can’t use it, and you don’t really know it.

Many people who look for business or marketing training may get some good training, but can’t use it effectively because they haven’t embodied the concepts (for example) that marketing is just sharing the transformational work that you do, and sales are an act of service. Rather than working on mastering that information to use effectively, they search for new information, falsely believing that just getting some new data will help build their business.

For you to prosper as a transformational entrepreneur, there are key concepts that you must master around marketing, sales, money and business structure. You must study them, practice them, and remove blocks to implementing them.

Whew! Sounds like work, doesn’t it?

It is, and it’s the key to getting to a new level of ease in your business. When you master – at a heart level – the key components in business, you dramatically reduce your struggle to make money, and serve more people.

Here’s what you can do. Ask yourself:
Am I 100% comfortable with marketing my services and products?
Do sales conversations feel authentic, easy, and do I close 40% of my sales?
Am I completely comfortable discussing money with clients and prospective clients?
Do I have a thorough knowledge of business structure, and a clear handle on the profit and loss in my business?

If you didn’t answer a resounding ‘YES!’ to each of these questions, you’ve got work to do. You may need some new information (level 1) or you may need to do the mastery work to get begin living and embodying these ideas. Once you focus on what you really need, though, you can make much faster progress.

3 Responses to The four most dangerous words

  1. Thank you for your insight!
    I’m teaching myself to stop whenever I think those words “I already know that”, and look more closely. And then I tap on any unpleasant feelings that come up. It’s funny how big some resistances are. Fortunately, EFT is such a good instrument for dissolving them.
    – Frauke

  2. lee says:

    I recently got the Tapping into Ultimate Success program. So far… it’s great! I love the structure, which is what I seem to have lacked previously. I’m just getting into Module 2 and I have already made huge leaps, even though I’ve been tapping for years. You just seem to provide the necessary insights to make it work.

    Question – Is the Transform livestream recording available? I was not able to see all of it, due to my hamster-wheel job. Even better would be the entire Transform 2012 videos… any chance of that?

    • Lee –
      If you’re on my list, you’ll see some of the Transform videos come through in the next week or two. Also, you’ll get a chance to purchase the entire set if you’d like to do that. Enjoy!