The moment that will change your life

I’ve had the privilege in my work to see and acknowledge people for playing big – for stepping up, and taking risks in creating the businesses and lives that they want. I’ve also seen people, excited and motivated in the moment, who then back away from their dreams.

I realized that there is a profound difference between those who, in a moment of inspiration, make a commitment to do something extraordinary, and people who want to ‘think about it’. Over and over, I see that the people who ‘think about it’ don’t take action, and don’t get the results that they dream about. Once I thought about this, I realized why this is true.

In order to take an extraordinary action, you need to be inspired, swept up in excitement, and thinking outside the usual scope of what’s possible for you. You need to be dreaming, and motivated, and willing to consider the possibility that you could succeed in a way that is not predicted by your past.

Here’s the catch: No one, NO ONE, keeps this energy and attitude 100% of the time.

We can work to cultivate these beliefs, and use all of our many tools to live in this reality. But the truth is that we will alternate these moments of ‘I CAN do this!’ with ‘I’m terrified that I won’t succeed.’

Those who ‘think about it’ will, at some point during their thinking, be overcome by fear. And because it’s so much more comfortable and familiar to live where they are, they will not take extraordinary action. Not now, and not in the future. If you’ve been congratulating yourself because you always ‘think about it’ please consider that you are holding yourself back from the extraordinary. Because it takes inspiration to step into something that is ‘unreasonable’ – like the idea that you could start with nothing, and build a six-figure business in only a year, yet I’ve seen my clients do this.

Those who commit in the moment of inspiration will still feel fear at some point. However, once committed, the way out of fear is not back into comfort, complacency, and being broke. The way out of fear is moving forward, into success, and into a transformed business and life.

If you choose to be someone who commits in the moment of inspiration, not just once but as a way of life, you will have an extraordinary life.

Will you occasionally make mistakes? Probably. But what you gain from leaping into opportunity will far overshadow any mistakes. What you learn from the challenges will transform you into a person who succeeds, no matter what. You will be a person who risks big, plays big – and wins big. Honestly, there is no other way.

2 Responses to The moment that will change your life

  1. Linda says:


    This is a FANTASTIC article! Wow, it makes everything so clear. Now I understand why those three words (think about it) are so dangerous, both when coming from me and from my potential clients!


  2. This is SO true!

    I was in one of those moments this morning myself and the thought came “just know it will be so”. It goes right along with how you said ” [be]willing to consider the possibility that you could succeed in a way that is not predicted by your past.”

    When we “know” success is coming we act with courage and see success come.

    Thanks again!