Too much clutter – of information?

Do you feel like your life is cluttered with stuff you don’t use?

Because entrepreneurs tend to be creative, mostly we have a bit too much clutter in our lives. It might be a full garage, or an untidy closet or junk drawer, or an overflowing bookshelf, but clutter is distracting and can create overwhelm.

Another type of clutter that’s becoming really dangerous these days is too much information, especially information that’s not being utilized. Since information is easy to come by, given the ease of google and the abundance of free resources, it can be tempting to clutter our minds with techniques and ideas. However, if we aren’t using them, having them around doesn’t serve you, any more than that broken egg-beater that you’ve been meaning to fix.

Most of the transformational entrepreneurs I know have studied some marketing and sales. They’ve cluttered their minds with free marketing and sales ideas that they aren’t using. And they still can’t do it comfortably!That’s a bunch of information that’s cluttering up your mental space, but not doing you any good.

The solution isn’t another standard sales training course that’s going to teach you 24 ways to close a sale – you’ll still feel sleazy, uncomfortable and inauthentic, and now you’ll have 24 new ways that don’t work for you!

Stop cluttering your life with more information that you can’t use – because it doesn’t resonate with you and isn’t in alignment with your values. Instead, you need to take some steps:

1) Identify what actually needs to happen in your business

What do you need? Do you need to hire an assistant, or structure your bookkeeping? Do you need to attract more clients, to be able to charge more to the clients you already have, to be able to sell more effectively to the people you talk to, or all three?

2) Figure out what is stopping you

If you start this step by saying ‘I just need to…’ you’re in trouble. There is a reason that you haven’t taken action up to this point, and it’s probably not laziness or ignorance. It’s just that you have an emotion (like fear or discomfort) or a belief (like ‘sales are sleazy’) that is keeping you from doing what you need to do to succeed.

3) Create a plan to overcome that obstacle

The subconscious, emotional mind is very good at sabotaging you from taking action you need to take in your business no matter how committed or dedicated your rational mind is to your goals. Put a strategy in place that will clear what’s stopping you. You may need new conscious beliefs that support your success, or you may already have the conscious beliefs and need to change the emotional beliefs. (Hint: you can tell if you have emotional beliefs that disagree with your conscious beliefs if you find yourself saying ‘I know I SHOULD market more, but…’)

You need to have your head and heart in alignment if you want to succeed authentically, with integrity – at least, if you want to succeed without too much struggle and pain.