Top 5 Selling Mistakes (For Coaches, Healers, Consultants)

Sales are hard, right?

Even experienced sales people have said ‘I can sell someone’s else’s stuff. It’s just really hard to sell my own work.’

If you’d choose to do laundry, darn socks, or take out the kitty litter, rather than having a sales conversation, you’re not alone.

These 5 top selling mistakes can help you recognize some of what may be hurting your sales, and how to improve them. Believe it or not, those conversations can actually be fun as well as profitable!

MISTAKE #1: Not Allowing Your Prospect to Feel Pain

As transformational entrepreneurs, we always want to help people. You may have devoted your life to helping people get out of pain, and you never want to cause pain.

But sales are only successful when your prospect sees the gap – the huge divide between where she is, and where she wants to be. The ‘where she is’ place is painful. If it’s not painful, you don’t have someone ready to move into transformation.

The temptation is to try to make your prospect feel better as soon as she gets into a little pain in the conversation with you. That’s actually a disservice. If you make her feel better in the moment, you remove the motivation for her to take action by hiring you.

Think about it this way: if someone came to you with a broken arm, and you gave her an aspirin so she wouldn’t feel the pain and sent her away, you’d definitely not be serving her!

When your client is talking about her challenges, and what’s not working, listen, acknowledge, and encourage her to explore her full feelings about that. You’re not causing the pain, you’re just raising awareness of it in the moment so it can be dealt with. Yes, it’s hard, but you’re getting the extent of the problem, so you can serve more fully in the long term.

MISTAKE #2: Selling for Your Reasons, Not Theirs:

Everyone goes into transformational work for a different reason. Your reasons may not resonate for your prospect, and her reasons may not resonate for you. It doesn’t mean that her reasons aren’t valid. And you have to sell to her based on her reasons.

Here’s an example: Suppose you help people remove physical pain. For you, the ultimate reason for removing physical pain is so you can go hiking. For your prospect, the ultimate reason for removing physical pain is so she can play with her kids in the backyard. If you have no children, the depth of her desire may not resonate with you.

If you try to sell her your services, and keep talking about how great it will be that she can go hiking, you’ll lose her. You have to discover why she wants the transformation, and then go about encouraging her to step into your offer for HER reasons.

MISTAKE #3: Not Getting Money at the ‘Yes’:

Transformation is change, and change is scary.

When you’re selling transformational services, you have to walk a fine line in helping your prospect believe that 1) She CAN get the transformation, and 2) She CAN’T get it without your help.

At the moment that someone says ‘yes’ to you, she is engaged. She’s excited. She’s made a commitment in her mind. And later that day, or that week, doubts and fears will set in. While those are perfectly normal, if she hasn’t taken some action to commit (like giving a credit card number, or signing an agreement) she may back out.

It’s important to get a commitment, usually a financial one, from your prospect at the time she says ‘yes’. Take a credit card number, or send a paypal invoice while you’re still on the phone with her. If you’re sending a contract, do that immediately, but still take the card number first. Putting money down will help cement the commitment for your prospect, and she’ll be more engaged going forward.

MISTAKE #4: Not Having a Format For The Transformation:

If you’re still in the session-by-session, or ‘monthly coaching’ model, you’re not serving your client at the highest level. For one thing, your prospect won’t be clear on the transformation that she can receive, because what you’re selling is ‘an hour of my time’ rather than ‘a particular transformation.’

Which one of these is more valuable:

3 sessions of hypnotherapy


‘A rapid results quit smoking program that gets you off the nicotine, fast!’

Obviously, the second one is perceived as higher-value, but they may be exactly the same service in terms of your time.

When you sell session-by-session, or monthly, you also have to keep re-selling your client to come back to you for another session, meaning that you’re actually selling more, not less! (For more help with this one, find out your ‘Money Model’ Type here!)

MISTAKE #5: Having the wrong energy:

Most transformational entrepreneurs don’t go into a sales conversation with a calm and eager energy. Even if you start that way, you may find that when you get to ‘let me tell you about my services’, your energy shifts.

When you know that you can transform a person’s life, talking to them about working with you becomes a huge act of service. Assuming that you and your prospect are a fit, the highest service that you can perform at that moment is to help them see the value in working with you.

Here are some of the thoughts to take into a sales conversation:

“The transformation is worth investing in.”

“You (the prospect) are worthy of investing in this transformation.”

“I am worthy of receiving.”

“I care more about your transformation, then about what you may think of me ‘selling’ to you.”

“I choose to be an advocate for your transformation.”

“I am honest about what you truly need.”

If some of these statements feel uncomfortable, take them into meditation, visualization or tapping to help them become more a part of your energy. Your future clients will thank you!

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