Two questions to help you make more money

I’ve been getting lots of emails lately from people who say ‘I want to build this business. I really do! Whatever I’m doing isn’t working, the money just isn’t there. Can you help me?’ And then they go on to tell me things that they’ve tried that haven’t worked.

This is much more firm language than I usually use, and may upset some people, but it’s time to start getting serious about building YOUR business. Here are some reasons you may not be getting the money results you want.

1) You haven’t stuck with it.

Perhaps you tried one or two networking events, and didn’t get results. Now it’s possible that networking isn’t the way for you to build your business, but it’s also possible that you need to try more. Would you go to the gym just once or twice, and conclude that it didn’t work because you weren’t you in top shape?

2) You haven’t analyzed what isn’t working, and gone to work on that.

Are you connecting with potential clients, but then not closing sales? Have you connected with people, but then found them confused about your message or what you do? Or are you not connecting with enough potential clients? Those will all cause poor results, but have very different solutions.

3) You haven’t determined if there is a market for what you provide.

If you can’t identify your target market, their pain, and the solution you provide clearly and succinctly, you probably haven’t done the work to establish that someone out there wants your services. (They may need them, but not know it – that is a very hard sell.)

4) You’re not charging enough.

If you have a block against charging enough for your services, you can work very hard and not get much in return. You’ll also get more demanding clients the less you charge (strange but true!)

5) You’re not as committed to building your business as you are to maintaining your limitations.

Don’t just say ‘I’ve got a block.’ Look at taking action instead. Use EFT tapping if you feel totally stopped from taking action to shift the block. Don’t be fooled though – tapping is NOT taking action. It is a wonderful tool we use IN ORDER TO take action.

6) You’re using something as an excuse.

Where do you say ‘I can’t, because…’? Do you blame your kids, your spouse, your upbringing, your age, where you live, the state of the economy, etc, etc? For each thing that you think stops you, at least one other person has a similar circumstance and has already overcome it. Getting rid of any trace of ‘victim mentality’ will do wonders for your bottom line.

Here are the two simple questions that can help you make a LOT more money.

‘What if I could…’?

‘How can I…’?

Don’t tell yourself ‘I can’t because…’ Instead, ask ‘What if I could do this?’ and ‘How can I accomplish what I want to accomplish?’

These questions fire up the subconscious mind, and get your powerful emotions working in the direction of the solution, rather than the problem.

Remember: Building a business is like enrolling in the graduate school of personal growth. Are you willing to face what stops you, and focus on overcoming it, in order to have the business and life that you dream of?

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