Upgrade your Game

In general, people think pretty well of themselves. In fact, about 90% of people feel like they are ‘above average’. Even if you sometimes struggle with self-esteem, failure, or wounded pride, there are certainly skills that you have that you feel good about.

However, your current skill level may be holding you back.

If you’re a total beginner at something, you know you need to learn (assuming that you aren’t avoiding the subject altogether.) However, if you’ve been doing an activity for a while, even if you’re doing it poorly, it may be time to look at upgrading your game.

Especially in business, you may be focusing on the skills of what you DO for people, not how you market or sell to them, or how you run your business. But is your ‘business game’ good enough for you to have the success you want, and serve the number of clients you wish to serve?

Looking at where you need to upgrade can be tough. You’ve got to walk a fine line between both acknowledging your shortcomings, and not giving up in frustration because you’ve got so much to learn that ‘it’s hopeless.’

Here’s a self-assessment you can use to determine where you might need to upgrade your game:

1) Marketing language and drive.
Do I speak in crystal-clear language that my ideal clients understand? Am I motivated to market enough to fill a pipeline of continuous clients? Do I feel great when I am sharing what I do?

2) Marketing copy.
Do I write well enough to communicate my offerings in an exciting way that encourages others to take action? Do I need to improve my writing skills, or my ‘marketing copy’ skills’ in order to draw in more fans?

3) Sales strategy and energy.
Do I have an effective sales system? Do I know how to have conversations that leave people clear about the actions that they can take, feeling heard and understood, and willing to make a decision? Do I feel of service when I have a sales conversation?

4) Business structure and money model.
Do I have a sustainable, scalable business structure? Are my offerings priced in such a way that I’m compensated for my time and expenses, and have enough left over to invest and grow my business? Do I feel comfortable with my pricing?

If you answered ‘no’ to any of these, you have an opportunity to look at upgrading your game. One way to do that is to join me in my new free training program ‘Overcoming Sales Objections’ here: