What Are You Bringing Along?

This morning, as I hiked up my mountain trail, I was joined by Samson, a big dog who lives near the foot of the trail. He set off up the mountain with me, sometimes walking with me, sometimes running to check things out just off the trail. As the trail got steeper, though, he started walking in front of me, and would frequently just stop.

If you’ve tried to hike up a steep mountain and had to suddenly stop and detour around a big dog, you know how frustrating this can get. I just wanted to hike, think about writing this article, and not deal with this inconvenient dog. After the fifth time I bumped into him, I wondered if he had been sent to help me write the article.

I realized that Samson wasn’t really causing the problem. He wasn’t making me not enjoy my hike – I was doing that with my frustration. I had a choice about how to experience this situation. It wasn’t bringing the dog along that was causing the problem. It was bringing along my frustration, and ‘shoulds.’ As soon as I realized that, and dropped the frustration, I thoroughly enjoyed my hike.

In your journeys, what are you bringing along?

I find that many people are bringing along fear today – fear for the economy, for their business, fear of talking to people about their business, fear of quoting their rates, fear of rejection… perhaps you’re bringing along anger or frustration towards a co-worker or business associate.  What you’re bringing along can determine not only whether you enjoy your life, but your success or failure.

You may or may not be able to change the situation, but you can always change what you’re bringing along.


Begin to notice what you’re bringing along to your various business and life activities. Are you full of joy, gratitude, confidence, and excitement? Or are you bringing along fear, frustration, and anger?

If you don’t love what you’re bringing along, change it. There are lots of techniques to help you do this – I recommend EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), sometimes called ‘tapping’.

The quality of your day, your business, and your life is up to you – what are you bringing along?

Tapping Tips

(If you are not familiar with EFT, please download and read the EFT basics guide on my What is EFT? Page before doing the following.)

Setup statement (tap the KC point):

Even though I’m bringing along this (pick one – fear, anger, frustration) in this situation, I choose to be open to (pick one – joy, gratitude, confidence, peace…) instead.

Do one round, tapping on each of the tapping points, using the reminder phrase:

This (fear, anger frustration)

Do one round, tapping on each of the tapping points, using the reminder phrase:

I choose to be open to (joy, gratitude, confidence, peace)

Hint: For best results, focus on a specific issue, like ‘this dog in my way!’

Email me at Pamela@MakeYourSuccessEasy.com

and let me know how you changed what you’re bringing along and how you’re feeling now!

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