What’s Keeping You From the Money You Deserve?

Does this sound like you?

“I can’t charge more for my services, people won’t pay it.”

“I’m afraid to tell someone my fees – I try to avoid that part of the conversation.”

“I can’t charge more, because I couldn’t afford to pay that much myself.”

Last week I gave a teleclass on ‘Charging What You Deserve’. It was a packed house, and these are just some of the comments that came through the call and webcast.

In the work I do with transformational entrepreneurs (those who want to make a difference in the world while making a profit) I hear many, many limiting beliefs.

Most people don’t see their limiting beliefs as beliefs – they seem them as facts.

‘People just won’t pay more than I’m charging’ is one limiting belief.

The people who are currently paying you for your services may not pay more, but other people will.

There’s a reason that Volkswagons are priced under $20,000 and Mercedes are priced above $80,000. If someone walks up to a Mercedes and says ‘That’s ridiculous, no car is worth that much!’ then that person isn’t a Mercedes customer.

Are you serving the Volkswagon customers, or the Mercedes customers?

The belief ‘I’m afraid to tell someone my fees’ usually stems from a fear of rejection – ‘He won’t like me when he hears my fees’ or ‘When I quote my fees, she’ll think it’s all about the money, and that I don’t care’ or ‘He’ll say no, and I’ll be rejected.’

These are all limiting beliefs that lead to fear, and it’s hurting your business.

Here’s the secret:

ANY belief that doesn’t serve you can be changed.

When you grasp that, you have incredible power in your hands.

What’s a belief that’s limiting you that you’d like to change?

What if you shifted from ‘People won’t pay more than I’m charging’ to ‘What if people would pay more?’

This tiny shift opens up new possibilities, and actually re-trains your mind to think in a completely different, creative way.

There are many techniques for belief change, including Byron Katie’s ‘The Work’, The Sedona Method, and my favorite, Meridian Tapping Techniques such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). Which one you use doesn’t matter.

What does matter is that you NEVER allow yourself to be stopped by a limiting belief – what you do is too important.


Identify three beliefs that are limiting you in growing your business and making more money. Change each one from ‘I can’t’ to ‘What if’ and see what opens up for you! Let me know what your three believes are by emailing me at Pamela@MakeYourSuccessEasy.com!

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