Why Am I Overwhelmed?

Getting through the to-do list. Crossing everything off. It feels SO good!

If you’re like most women entrepreneurs, I’m guessing you don’t even know, because it doesn’t happen. Ever. (If you do get manage to get through it, it’s because you don’t have enough business or clients, and that’s not good either.)

So how do you manage to NOT feel overwhelmed when you never get through your to-do list?

Here’s one secret: Overwhelm is caused by the mistaken idea that everything on your to-do list must be done at once.

Read that sentence again, and take it in. Because you’re probably saying that you know that everything can’t be done at once, that’s silly, and that isn’t causing YOUR overwhelm. But there is a little part of you that thinks ‘If I still have things on my list, that’s bad.’ And when you look at your list, everything seems equally important.

Or, as one of my entrepreneurial friends said ‘I always show up 100% for my clients, but in building my own business, I’m going in circles.’

While I could write pages on different strategies to reduce the overwhelm, one of the first things that you need to do is change your mindset around overwhelm.

Here’s an EFT tapping routine for you to use to reduce overwhelm. Tap around the points, saying one phrase at each point.

I feel so overwhelmed.
I’ll never get through my to-do list.
I’ve got WAY too much to do.
Everything feels equally important, and it’s all a priority.
All of these should be done by now, and I can’t get anything done!
I feel so stressed.
How can I ever get everything done?
I don’t know what to do first.
I wonder if it’s possible‚
That there is another way to look at this.
I wonder if it’s possible…
That I could give myself permission
To do just one thing at a time.
But what about multi-tasking?
Isn’t that better?
Part of me feels
That if I don’t get everything done
That the world will collapse.
Nations will crumble.
Tsunamis and earthquakes will hit.
OK, maybe not that.
But it still feels really important
That I get all of it done NOW.
What if I could give myself permission
To do one thing at a time?
I’d have to trust myself
That the one thing I choose is the right thing to do.
I’d have to trust myself
Enough to focus on that one task.
I’d love to cross even one thing off my to-do list.
That would feel great.
I wonder if it’s possible…
That I could take a step-by-step approach
And know that having a constant to-do list
Is just part of being an entrepreneur
In fact, all successful entrepreneurs
Have constant to-do lists.
I’m open to the ‘job security’
Of a constant to-do list.
That’s a measure of success.
And I will take care of one item at a time.

Tap with this routine when you feel overwhelmed. Doesn’t that feel better?